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Main Clients

Domestic clients

Major food manufacturers

Major mail-order or net distributors

Pharmaceutical companies

Cosmetic companies

Overseas clients

The US Dairy Products Exporting Association

Major food companies in Canada

The Korean National Food Cluster (collaborative studies with TTC)

Past Results of R&D of Novel Techniques and Systems for Evaluation of Food Functions in Humans

Osteoarthritis (OA) research

At the Biomarker Global Initiative – organized workshop: “Biochemical Biomarker: Biology, Validation and Clinical Studies” (2009) [sponsored by OARIS including U.S. NIH]
Received “The Young Investigator Travel Award”
At the 17th and 18th Annual Meetings of the Japan Mibyou System Association (2010, 2011)
Received “Young Investigator Award” and “Excellent Presentation Award”


At the 27th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Immunology and Allergology (2009)
At the symposium on “Evaluation of Food Functions” in the 6th Annual Meeting of the Japan Association for Food Immunology (2010) [Invited lecture]

Stress and fatigue research

At the 24th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of Stress Science (2008) [collaborative research with Tokyo Medical College]

The Past Results of Clinical Studies Executed by TTC

Efficacies/targets evaluated include: Immunological functions; Osteoarthritis of the knee; Pollinosis-related stresses; Allergic disorders; Sleep disorders; Ophthalmological functions; Peripheral blood flow disturbance, including feeling of cold; Edema; Prostatic hyperplasia and urinary disturbance; Higher cerebral function; Bowel habit and constipation; Body fat and obesity; Dyslipidemia (blood cholesterol and blood triglycerides): Fasting and postprandial blood glucose;Blood pressures and hypertension;Hyperuricemia; Bone- and cartilage-metabolic biomarkers

The Past Results of Laboratory Studies Executed by TTC

Safety evaluation studies

Genetic studies

Single and/or repeated – dosing studies

Specific toxicological studies


Efficacy evaluation studies

Anti obesity activity

Anti hyperlipidemic activity

Anti hyperglycemic / anti diabetic activity

Anti inflammatory / anti allergic activity

Osteoarthritis – improving activity


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