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Profile of Tetsuro YAMAMOTO, the President & Representative Director of TTC

【Current appointments in the academic community】
Guest Professor, Graduate School of Psychology, Kurume University (Kurume)
Professor, Chonbuk National University Hospital (Chonbuk, Korea)
Lecturer (non-full-time), Teikyo University Institute of Medical Mycology (Tokyo)
Lecturer (non-full-time), School of Medicine, Juntendo University (Tokyo)

【Member of Executive Board, Japan Circulatory System Association】
Council member, The Japanese Association of Stress Science
Member of Advisory Board, Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) of Japan
Representative member of Functional Foods Development
Council member, Association for Functional Food Research

【Academic & professional career】
Mar. 1978Graduated from School of Engineering, Osaka University (Osaka)
May 1988Doctor of Engineering Osaka University awarded
Feb. 2001Established TTC Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) President
Aug. 2012Established TTC KOREA Co., Ltd. (Seoul, Korea) Director
Oct. 2013TTC KOREA Co., Ltd. President

【Appointments as lecturer (non-full-time) or management officer】
Apr. 2002-Mar. 2006Lecturer, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine (Kyoto)
Oct. 2002-Mar. 2004Technology Licensing Organization of Nagoya University Graduate School of Engineering (Nagoya)
Oct. 2002-Mar. 2009Lecturer, Institute for Advanced Medical Sciences, Hyogo College of Medicine(Nishinomiya)
Apr. 2004-Mar. 2005Technology Licensing Organization of College of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Chubu University (Kasugai)
Apr. 2004-Sep. 2006Lecturer, Graduate School of Agricultural Science , Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (Tokyo)
Apr. 2008-Mar.2014Lecturer, Graduate School of Medicine/Faculty of Medicine, the University of Tokyo (Tokyo)

The Master Scientific Achievement

Chemical, molecular and biological studies of the HM-1 killer toxin (FEBS Lett 195: 253-257, 1986; FEBS Lett 197: 50-54, 1986; J Antibiot 41: 398-403, 1988)
For this achievement the 1st Tamio Hiratani Memorial Award was awarded to Dr. Yamamoto in 1991.
This achievement made a critical contribution to the development of NMR spectroscopy for determing the 3D structure of biological macromolecules by Dr. Kurt Wüthrich (Switzerland), to whom the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2002 was awarded.

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